Vaping Industry Insights: 3 Questions to Ask Wholesale Suppliers Before Placing an Order for Vaping Products 

When retailers stock vaping products they will likely have some questions that they want to ask a wholesaler or producer before placing an order. They will want to know just what is in a vaping cartridge and which flavours will be popular choices when it comes to selling them. With this in mind, we shall think about the possible questions further.


Product Safety

The retailer will want to know that the products they are being supplied with are safe for the consumer. This is about only purchasing from a reputable supplier. It is the same process that would take place between a consumer and a retailer, where the consumer would look for a good source and a reliable supplier. The difference is that retailers are better placed to know who the good suppliers are. A good indicator is to consider those wholesalers that provide a lot of flavours and are not just trying to promote one flavour and claim it to be the one everyone wants.


Manufacturing Process

Those stocking e-liquid might ask the wholesaler what is in the product. This information will have come from the manufacturer. E-liquids contain four basic ingredients: water, nicotine, flavourings, and propylene glycol or a vegetable glycerin base. Sometimes, a mixture of PG and VG.

The industry secrets will relate to just what flavouring has been included. It might not be just one but a blend of flavours to make a unique one. This can then be promoted as something exotic because it does not relate to one distinguishable flavour. The trick also can be to make a flavour as close to the actual flavour that is experienced from the traditional source of that flavour. For example, if the flavour is apple, it should resemble the flavour experienced from eating an apple. If the flavour is cider, it should not just taste of apple but give the impression that it is more alcoholic than that.

Candy or sweets are also represented through e-liquid flavours. This seems fitting as many who quit smoking will take to eating sweets as an alternative, which can lead to not just dental problems as the sugar attacks teeth and causes decay, but also could lead to obesity. Vaping, as an alternative to smoking, will provide the taste without the side effects.


Popular Flavours

A retailer that is as new to vaping as smokers who have converted, will rely on their wholesaler and customers to let them know what the popular flavours are. It all depends on how a name helps sell a flavour because the different names are a great marketing tool that is used to promote a product. They will be looking to use names that might sound mysterious or have an element of daring to them, yet rather ironically e-cigarettes are much safer than smoking tobacco.

With a variety of vaping flavours to choose from, business looks bright for retailers who are specialising in or stocking these kinds of products.

Those who vape will look forward to the introduction of new flavours to the mix. A big part of vaping is the chance to explore the different flavours. It is something that traditional smoking never offered, as the one taste was only ever tobacco. With the different flavours and their names, there is much to market. Whether that is through a shop front or online using digital marketing tools such as SEO and PPC. Both are effective at increasing a company’s website up the search rankings so that it is found first by the consumer.


So, the questions asked by an insider purchasing vaping products for an end consumer should begin with their safety, which immediately is answered by the fact that they are a safer option than smoking. Knowledge about the safety of a particular product can be gleaned from knowing something about the manufacturing process and what the e-juices are likely to contain. These ingredients are pretty standard except for the addition of the flavours that will be shrouded in secrecy to some degree as that is what gives competitors their edge. Also, a further competitive edge will be obtained from knowing how to market the different flavours by coming up with creative names to describe them. This gets harder as there are thousands of flavours out there to consider when it comes to making a new name sound different and inviting. The important thing is not to duplicate, except for existing vaping flavours, but to continue creating.

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