When Your Baby Doesn’t Stop Crying – Things to Do

The baby’s crying. It seems to go on and on, and no matter how frustrated you are, you cannot get them to stop. It is as if their mind has switched from “Hey, I’m hungry” to “Hey, I’m miserable.” You change their diaper, feed them, rock them, and sing to them to hopefully soothe the crying. Nothing you do seems to stem the tide of their tears, and you feel helpless. But help is on the way.

Babies cry—it is something that every parent of a newborn learns very quickly, and while it can be initially frustrating, it is also a sign that your baby is happy and healthy. But what do you do when your baby cries all the time? This post will hopefully help you pick up some things to do to help them when the crying will not calm down.

  • Check your baby’s temperature first to see if it is normal. When your child will not stop crying, and you are worried they have a fever, it is important to take the right steps before you rush to the doctor. You should have a baby thermometer to check their temperature. If it is high and they are showing other signs of fever like sweating, you will need to take them to the doctor right away or emergency care.
  • Be sure the baby’s diaper is clean. Newborns who cry a lot usually have dirty diapers. A dirty diaper can cause your baby to feel uncomfortable, which in turn causes him to cry.
  • Walk or Rock the baby. Rocking your baby can be such a soothing experience. It helps them become calm and feel relaxed, and it has the possibility to send them off to sleep.
  • Talk or Sing to the baby. Singing or talking to your baby can help them develop language skills, and communication skills, entertain them, as well as hopefully distract them from crying.
  • Offer a pacifier. Pacifiers are very helpful in calming babies down during teething, colic, and when sleep is disrupted. The sucking motion can ease discomfort and calm them down.
  • Take your baby for a stroller ride. If they are still crying inside, you may want to take them outside for some fresh air and a change of scenery, this could potentially soothe them with the momentum of the stroller.
  • Be calm and breathe slowly while holding the baby close to your body. No matter how hard you try, your child will cry. How you react to their crying will have a drastic impact on their mood, so it is important to know how to stay calm and control your emotions. Breathing in deeply as you hold them will hopefully synchronize their breathing with yours to calm them down. Do this a few times to see if it has any impact, if they start to quieten down, keep it going for a little while longer to make sure.

Other Reasons Why Your Baby Does Not Stop Crying

  1. Colic – Colic is a period of crying in an infant that lasts more than three hours a day, more than three days a week, and more than three months of age. It is most common in infants younger than 3 months old but may also affect older infants.
  2. Acid reflux – A common condition in babies is acid reflux, also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Along with other symptoms, acid reflux can cause persistent crying, loss of appetite, arching back, drooling, and vomiting in babies. If you suspect that your baby has acid reflux, you need to go to the doctor and speak to them about managing it.
  3. Gas – Many babies go through a period of gas. This happens when your baby’s digestive tract is not ready to eat solid food. The bowel is empty, and the baby is passing gas. It is a normal part of your baby’s digestive process. Giving your baby gas drops can help in most cases. Baby gas drops are specially formulated to aid in digestion.
  4. Exhausted from lack of sleep – Your baby may be crying a lot due to lack of sleep. If they have been wakeful for a few nights without sleeping properly, then this can exhaust them and cause them to cry. They cannot express in words that they are exhausted so crying is all they can do. Trying out a bedtime routine to keep them regular, as well as investing in comfortable baby bedding, can hopefully help them sleep a lot better.
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