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Greetings! Welcome to my blog, Tier Bella.

My name is Bella Francine, and this blog is my personal project. I’ve wanted to make this for years, but simply haven’t had the time between my different business ventures and my family. This year, however, has been an exceptional time. For those who are reading in the future, I’m writing this now in 2020. The world has changed so much, moving into a variety of tiers based on the Coronavirus that is still sweeping across the globe. It is strange to think about, but it has at least given me time to finally get my teeth into this blog concept that’s been in my mind for a fair few years now.


It’s funny that the world seems to have focused on tiers of infection. To me, tiers are a positive thing. Aspiring to rise through them should be a goal everyone strives for in their lifetime. It’s why I named my blog Tier Bella. I hope that people can still think of the term in a positive manner in the future.


In any case, a little more about me. Whilst I don’t like to share my age in full (A lady has to have some secrets), I am in my thirties. I’m a mother of one sweet boy, a wife to a loving stay-at-home husband, and a full-time business consultant. Or, it feels like it at times. I work freelance, but the work can really pile up!


I made this blog to try and share some of what I have learned through my work and family life. It feels nice to be able to just write it all out and throw it to the internet, almost relieving in some ways. Not that I have any negativity around either subject – My work and my family are my life! But sometimes it is nice to be able to simply write and let it go after. I’m sure you understand.


In any case, I’ve rambled on enough. Any questions, feel free to reach out. Otherwise, stay safe out there, and stay happy and whole and hale.


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