Advantages of Freelancing

Unlike in the olden days, jobs nowadays do not have to be defined by traditional rules. We have revolutionized the workspace and the working hours. One of the types of businesses that have caught our eye is freelancing.

A freelancer is a self-governing contractor who does not make long-term contracts with companies. Many professionals in writing, designing, performing, or selling services have ditched their brick and mortar offices for freelancing because one can get freelancing projects in a blink of an eye. Anyone with a commendable resume (which can by the way be designed by taking the help of professionals like the ones available at ARC Resumes and similar firms) that highlights their work experience, ethics, and skills can land up getting countless freelancing projects. Only if such people enlist their updated resumes on the job portals, can they easily get opportunities to freelance. However, there seem to be some who are still sceptical about freelancing and the salary that is associated with it. Such people can go through these advantages that we stand to gain in freelancing in order to remove any preconceived notions about this subject matter.


Unlike in ordinary jobs, freelancers are free to choose the clients or the workload they want to deal with. Also, the number of clients we would work with is all upon us to choose from. Therefore, work pressure is also reduced because we cannot take on jobs that we cannot comfortably handle. Also, even though the customer is always right, when we can choose clients, we have the option to select only those clients that we can come to a consensus with. A good ergonomic chair (office monster and the likes might have some really good ones) with a portable desk would be all one needs to work to the best of their abilities!


One of the significant shortcomings of a regular job is the fixed schedule. We must go to work every weekday and only get vacations at designated times. However, in freelancing, we get to decide on when to work and when not to. In case of emergencies, it is easier for freelancers to drop their work for the day and attend to the emergency compared to a regular employee. Also, most freelancers do not have a fixed office, meaning that we can work as we travel from one place to another.


In a company’s or institution’s setup, there are departments where the employees are placed. Jobs are also specified for each department. However, in freelancing, the freelancer must work on all the work that different departments would have handled. Getting exposure to the different kinds of jobs keeps freelancing exciting and grows our skills. The exposure we stand to gain from freelancing is so much broader than we would get at a regular position in a company offering the same services. Finding international clients isn’t difficult anymore as most freelancers access international marketplaces with the help of a reliable provider like zenmate vpn.


Most people who choose to freelance prefer to work in solitude. I would be bombarded by so many different people or forced to pair with a colleague in any other job setting. In freelancing, however, I could choose to get a partner or work all alone. Most importantly, as an independent contractor, I get to be comfortable with both my workspace and the people I interact with. Such independence cannot be found at a regular job where even the offices and sitting arrangements are dictated.


For freelancing to work for us, a lot of self-discipline is required. Remember, unlike a regular job, freelancers do not have fixed schedules unless we make one ourselves. Also, with no supervisors, no one is there to push us to work harder or faster. We make all these decisions internally for ourselves. For us to complete orders and keep working throughout the year, we need to have lots of discipline. Always keeping in mind how important the work we do is helps us remain focused throughout. Also, freelancers love their job; therefore, the discipline that should accompany any job comes naturally.

Cash flow

Living from salary to another can be strenuous for most of us. Unfortunately, that’s what most of us must go through every single month. The good news is that freelancers do not have to live like that. Most jobs in the freelance industry are paid per hour. Therefore, after a contract is finished, we are paid before we move on to the next task. Cash flow is always continuous in freelancing hence catering for bills is so much easier for us.

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