Becoming a Freelancer

Not everyone has a lot of money to be able to start their own business. That doesn’t mean that there are not plenty of opportunities for an individual to become self-employed. One option that exists is becoming a freelancer. The internet is the ideal platform for this type of work. It is an option that I choose as it allowed me to use some of my skills for my own betterment rather than entering into the traditional workforce.


Getting Started

Once I decided that I wanted to work for myself it meant conducting some heavy research as to what my options were. One of my strengths was being able to conduct intense research into any topic that appealed to me. I learned that I could use this strength to generate an income. I soon discovered that there were a lot of online businesses that were in dire need of well written and properly researched material. However, many of these business owners did not have the time or expertise to do this themselves. This is where I learned that I could offer my services as a researcher and writer that would benefit both the business entities and myself.


Sourcing Out Clients

Although at first, I was somewhat naive in thinking that I had come up with a unique business idea I soon learned that I was facing a lot of competition. Although there were a lot of potential clients it was not all that easy achieving their business. This was the first clue that I had a lot to learn about the freelancing business online.


The Resources

With some more research, I soon discovered that there were different options for being able to market my services online. One of these was freelancing platforms. All I had to do was register with one of these and then my services would be marketed to the many business clients who were seeking out freelancing services. At the same time, I learned there was a lot more to it.

  • Presentation: Being as I was not the only freelancer offering services I had to make myself stand out among the rest who were doing the same, and there were hundreds of them. The best resource on the platform for this was the profile section. Here I was given the opportunity to tout my skills.
  • Examples: Another area that is highly important on these platforms is the example section. Here freelancers get to post examples of their writings if this is their particular freelancing niche. Keeping in mind that writing and research is not the only freelancing service that is being offered. There are many technical individuals that are also freelancing their services.

Learning How To Bid

Another task that I was faced with was learning how to bid on a job. Business people will post their job requirements on the platform. Then interested freelancers have the chance to bid on the job. Meaning they will inform the potential client of their skills and how much they will charge to complete the project. The business owner can then review these and make contact with the freelancer to ask further questions or negotiate the price. Finally making a decision as to who they wish to hire.


The Advantages

Freelancers do not have to use these job board platforms, but there are some distinct advantages to using them. They offer a quick resource for finding clients. They also protect the payments. These platforms hold the payment made by the client in escrow until the job is completed satisfactorily. Once this is done they then make the payment to the freelancer. However, in most cases, they will hold a portion back as their fee for their services.


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