Tips for Running a Successful Online Video Game Retail Business

Video game retailing is one of the most lucrative businesses we can run. And while each of us has our own opinion as to whether a video game retail business is a viable idea or not, I must say that video games are in high demand, especially in this day and age. But why do many of us love this type of game? Well, we can talk about soothing background music, fascinating themes, and a lot more other features. Yes, video games tend to have just about everything many would look for as far as online entertainment is concerned. Whilst some websites such as and even business advisors might be able to shed some light on how to develop a suitable video game retail business. Since a video game retail business has enabled many of my friends to build a bankroll, it would be selfish if I did not share something about this business idea with you. And guess what, I’m not that selfish. Here are some tips to help you start and run a successful online video game business.

Do Research to Know Which Games Are on Demand

While there is no such thing as a video game shortage in the market, we cannot assume that any video game can just sell well. If we want our video game business to be successful, we must know what popular games are so that we can sell just that. In so doing, one important thing to remember is the fact that the video game industry is such a dynamic one. Yes, it is dynamic because new video games are created every day, and what is popular this year may not be necessarily popular in the years to come. In addition to that, there are constant upgrades to gaming technology, so you may have to keep an eye on that as well. Newer technologies such as gaming TVs (see here for more on that) and VR headsets could see newer and different kinds of games coming to the market too. In a friend’s case, for instance, they found out that some of the most popular games in 2020 included Space Engineers, Dead Cells, Devil May Cry 5, and No Man’s Sky. And believe me you; I know people who have made a fortune retailing these games.
There are numerous video games, which are quite expensive for people to buy in one go, like Godzilla (ps4). So they might use their credit card to pay for the game and then repay it in installments. But for that to happen, the retailer must be equipped with credit card processors that offer flexible solutions so vendors can accept payments made curbside, throughout the sales floor, on the go, and through an online store. Additionally, small businesses need a system that is easy to use, works with popular point-of-sale (POS) systems, and offers quality customer support. Retailers need a merchant services provider that offers low transaction rates, flexible payment options, and a responsive support team. If that sounds interesting, you may take a sneak peek at the websites similar to, which might be more reliable, more secure, streamline payments that your associates can accept from multiple locations, and offer lower retail rates.

Know Your Product Source

An online video game business is a viable idea but if we don’t know where to get the products, then our efforts can easily be futile. Thankfully, video game developers are constantly looking for sellers. Partnering with these developers is perhaps the best way to outsource video games. However, most developers want sellers to meet certain conditions of the partnership. I remember one friend talking about a developer telling them that “I had to meet a monthly 100,000-visitor threshold on my site before they could be my partners”. Their about 90,000 monthly traffic fell short of this threshold, and they had to look elsewhere. Thus, It is advisable that we read the terms and conditions of a partnership before you enter into a relationship with any video game developer.

Examples of top video game developers as of 2020 include Naughty Dog, Nintendo, RockStar North, Bioware, Epic Games, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Electronic Arts, and Zero Games Studio. Other honorable mentions include Ubisoft, Gameloft, Bungie Inc., Activision Blizzard, and Square Enix.

Market Your Business Properly

A viable business without a good marketing strategy could be dead on arrival. And when it comes to getting our video game products in front of potential buyers, we don’t have to limit ourselves. The internet gives us unlimited opportunities to sell video games to a wide range of customers across the world. We can therefore take advantage of every opportunity that arises for ourselves, including using the services of online companies such as Xsolla and similar ones.

Social media platforms could be an excellent starting point. In a friend’s case, they market my business on multiple social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. For instance, they ensure that they post on my Facebook wall at least three times a week, just to connect with my followers and remind them to visit their online store to check what is new. These posts are usually accompanied by a link to their online video store, where they can buy what they want.

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