Three Important Business Software Programs For Freelancers

Are you a business owner and freelancer? Or are you just considering making the jump by quitting your day job? If so, it’s important to use a number of business software programs such as this sharepoint administration toolkit. Together, they will make your experience as a business owner easier, and they will save you time which you can use to work on projects for your clients.

As an experienced business owner, I have collected a set of three types of business software programs that I recommend you use, and there are definitely a range of these helpful resources online. In fact, they are crucial if you want to succeed. Having good software is a key part of making a business work, so many business owners work alongside agile development teams to help them get the most out of their technology. These teams are helpful to those who don’t know how to fully execute their software, therefore putting the business on the right track. If you are trying to do this without assistance, here are some recommended software programs.

1: A good and effective CRM system

If you manage to succeed as a freelancer, you will quickly realize that your portfolio of clients can get out of hand. You need a good and effective program to track and save all your client data. This is where an effective CRM system comes into play.

A CRM system is simply a Customer Relationship Management system. It enables you to organize all your customer and client data. Having a good and professional relationship with all your clients is crucial in your quest for growth. The CRM software helps you along the way.

Here’s just a small number of things your CRM system can help you along with: Sales reporting, customer segmentation and customer organisation.

I encourage you to do some research on the best CRM systems, but I myself enjoy these ones: Hubspot, Salesflare and Base CRM. Some CRM systems are free of charge, while others are premium and require a payment to use.

2: A good email program

In the modern digital age, most of the communication with your clients is done via email. As such, you most certainly need a professional email program. My experience is clearly that the Microsoft Office suite, which brings along with it the latest version of Outlook, is the best one on the market. Nothing beats it.

Sure, you can use various web-based email clients, but Outlook is intuitive and smooth. Simply put, it just works. Always.

And while we are at it, I encourage you to invest in a dedicated business email address. A gmail address simply won’t do it. You need your own domain name email address. If you have already invested in your own private business website, at your own domain, you will often find that along with it follows the opportunity for your own email addresses. Use those email addresses. It’s professional.

3: A good accounting software program for your bookkeeping

Last, but not least, we have the accounting software program. This is where you will do all your bookkeeping. Hopefully, your freelance business will do well, and you will therefore have to send out tons of invoices to your clients. Your accounting software will help you with that.

Indeed, you can use Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or a similar type of spreadsheet program instead of a dedicated accounting software suite. However, it’s not the optimal solution. You will quickly find that it’s hard to keep track of all your data. The accounting software is much more versatile, and even if it will cost you some money, it’s money well spent.

Here are some of the most popular accounting software programs for small business owners and freelancers: Wave, Xero and QuickBooks Online.

Some accounting software programs can be found free of charge, while others require a payment. The free ones may feature free options, but will require an upgrade depending on the amount of data you register. It’s therefore important that you do your research, and that you find the type of program that fits your specific needs.

Organization is key as a small business owner and freelancer

So these three types of business software programs are the ones I encourage you to focus on first. They will help you succeed with your new business. Simply put, they help you organize your business and data, and I can safely say, with my handful of years as a business owner, that organization is indeed a key aspect for establishing a successful business.

Growth requires clients. Lots of them. Each and every one of them must be dealt with professionally, and the various programs here help you do exactly that. Good luck with your business!

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